2018 Lake of the Woods Volunteer Fire & Rescue Co. Organization

Board of Directors

President:  Joe Clontz

Vice President:  Rick Hooper

Treasurer:  Simon Gray

Secretary:  Steven Calleja

Members at Large:  Dick Ferguson

                                 Ryan Harvey

                                 Rusty Deane

The Board of Directors meet Monthly. Please contact the Secretary to request Date and Time.


Fire Department Officers

Fire Chief:  Bob Mars

Assistant Chief:  Rick Lancing

Assistant Chief:  Tom Cornell

Captain:  Aaron Lovell

Captain:  Andrew Rose

Captain:  Jeff Liebold

Lieutenant:  Mike Cianci

Lieutenant:  Joe Clontz

Sergeant:  Chris Barrett

Rescue Squad Officers

Rescue Chief:  Steve McInnis

Deputy Chief:  Rick Hooper

1st Assistant Chief: Readiness – Bud Moody

2nd Assistant Chief: Administration – Jack Kelley

Training Captain:  Mark Toohey

QA/QI Captain: Chris Wagoner

Communications Lieutenant: Matt Geer

Vehicle Readiness Captain:   Brian Smith

ALS Readiness Lieutenant:  Andrew Rose

BLS Readiness Lieutenant:  Robert Brandel

Infection Control:  Chris Wagoner

Facility Readiness:  Garry Archer

Personnel Officer:  Wyatt Gosnell

OnBoarding Officer:  Karen Rivers

Process Administrator:  Dan Cianci

Scheduling Officer:  Amy Church

Recruitment/Retention/Public Relations: Tatiana Woofter

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